IPad vs Magazines

By December 7, 2012News

Life seems to be constantly changing especially when it comes to technology.With more sales in tablet devices and IPads and less sales in books and magazines. Bookstores and magazine companies seems to be closing and going out of business much faster than you can say Lady Gaga.

However, with staggering sales the magazine seem to be surviving this war with technology….or is it? To get a better perspective on this topic “IPad vs Magazine”. We at Mesu360 sat down with business entrepreneur Chad Carrington a collector of over 1000 plus magazines to discuss his views and thoughts on the topic.


M360: How long have you been collecting magazines?

Chad: I have been collecting magazines for about 10 years.


M360: What made you want to collect magazines?

Chad : Well, I was always fascinated by the photography in these magazines at first. But I also love to read.


M360: Do you remember your very first magazine?

Chad: My first magazine was the Source and rapper DMX was on the cover.


M360: As a collector of magazine whats your thoughts on the Ipad vs Magazine topic?

Chad: Well.. I own an IPad 2 myself and I think it’s a great piece of technology. I’m always using it to check my emails,news,blogs and etc. I have even used it to checked out a few online magazines.Which by the way are “pretty cool” with the animation and stuff. But what I like most about magazines; Vogue, Complex its the experience of changing each page by hand and feeling the texture and quality. Also the different  photography. Having a magazine can also take you into a time zone where you can reflect on what style, topics and trends was happening around that particular time or year.


M360: Would you say that the IPad is a much better approach to today’s lifestyle than the magazine?

Chad: I wouldn’t  say that; I think the IPad is a modern approach. A lot of younger people in this generation would declare the iPad as king, but I’m old school and I would always love having tea or a drink while reading my magazine turning each page one by one and relaxing with my feet up.