Downtown Style File: Geofran on Beach Drive

By November 15, 2012News

Hailing from Trinidad, Geofran Carrington, at a young 25, already carries a certain distinction that comes from her unique style and perhaps a confidence in knowing what she wants to do. Asked what she does for a living, Geofran is an artist, a designer, and a horologist…for the layman, a horologist is a watchmaker. How cool is that? How many people do you know are horologists? Now, at least, we know one. (Take note of the necklace she is wearing which she designed herself. It’s made from a watch! Brilliant I say.)

Geofran describes her personal style as “classic meets edgy.” She has a thing for custom made pieces and gets inspiration from the ‘oldies.’  “The 1920’s through the 70’s were great times for fashion,” she says.

She currently stays in the ‘Burg, mostly for biz…but watch out world, Geofran is on her way to Soho, New York City to open a store later this year that will carry her artistic work and pieces. Did I mention she’s only 25? We’ll be looking out for you on the pages of Vogue and InStyle that’s for sure.

To see some of her work, you can