The Project Gallery

MESU360 (Mix Emotions Stresses the Universe) is a creative art brand founded by visual artist and designer Geofran Carrington in 2009. The brand specialize in unique and innovative style of artworks for clients across the globe.The company creates a wide rage of art and designs which includes everything from paintings, illustrations, sculptures, furniture, clothing, jewelry, collectables, and one of a kind costumes, design by Geofran Carrington in collaboration with artist and business partner Chad Samuel Carrington.
Initially the brand was made available to the public exclusively online at, also exhibited in New York and Florida.
On June 18, 2016, Geofran Carrington, together with business partner/brother Chad Samuel Carrington and trusted friend and colleague Katherine Gonzalez, open MESU360 Project Gallery (by MESU360). The gallery retail space is use to showcase original artworks from mesu360 and other artists and designers.

 Inside the Gallery

• Contemporary Fine Art merge with Street Culture
• Paintings. Illustrations. Sculptures. Furniture.
• Jewelry. Clothing/Apparel. Collectables. Installations.
• Unique Handmade Fine Jewelry and Watches
• In House Goldsmith/Jeweler with over (30 years) experience
• Gallery space available for small events & receptions
• Installment/payment plan

Chad Samuel Carrington

Executive Director + Artist
Born in the island of Trinidad and Tobago, Chad Samuel Carrington was immersed in culture and creativity at an early age.
He has a strong and peculiar way of thinking, which has resulted in him partnering in 2009 with his sister Geofran Carrington for the development of the MESU360 brand; In addition he owns TIMEOUTLLC, a watch and jewelry service company that has successfully grown from one store to five stores within the past 15 years. Now, with his combine knowledge of business and arts, Chad together with his team produced MESU360 Project Gallery (by MESU360) a place where the real sense of his creativity comes alive.

Geofran Carrington

Co-Director + Artist
Geofran Carrington is a visual artist, designer, and horologist, originally from Trinidad and Tobago. She has been the Vice President of TIMEOUTLLC, a watch and jewelry service company for the past 12 years and the creator of her own unique brand MESU360, a place for her to showcase all of her creative ideas in arts. Known for her unconventional approach to art, Geofran experiments and explores the meaning of art by using a variety of techniques to produce her avant-garde work. Her artwork includes everything from custom costumes to paintings, signature jewelry, furniture and sculptural pieces.
Today, Geofran expands her brand MESU360 by collaborating again with her long time business partner/brother Chad Carrington, along with fellow artist and friend Katherine Gonzalez in creating MESU360 Project Gallery, an alluring retail gallery space where she together with other artist and designers can showcase their work for the world to experience.

Katherine Gonzalez

Coordinator + Artist
Born and raised in Pereira, Colombia Katherine Gonzalez is characterized by her positive and motivated way of seeing life. Her love and passion for the arts and many years of business experience has brought Katherine today, to join the MESU360 family in creating the new edition to the art brand MESU360 Project Gallery, a modern space where she can inspire others into experiencing art in an innovative way.